Showing off ;-)

The next Warcraft expansion, Legion, is coming soon so I decided to get rid of all the stuff I’ve hoarded since Warlords Of Draenor came out. And I’ve collected quite a lot of ore, herbs, leather and whatnot.

And when I say “a lot” I mean “shitloads!”. At one point I religiously picked herbs and mined ore every single day on 9 characters. And I saved all of it. It does add up to quite a bit over time.

I thought it wouldn’t be worth much by now, because who wants to buy this stuff this close to next expansion where it becomes obsolete? I was wrong. I listed everything(!) on the Auction House and it all sold on the first listing. And fetched very good prices. I raked in roughly 110.000 gold 🙂

Then I did a little adding up and discovered I’d also made a lot of gold over time on follower missions in the garrison. I was, measured in Warcraft Gold, filthy rich!

So I decided to treat myself to two new and expensive mounts:

The Grand Expedition Yak and Champion’s Treadblade.

I’ve always considered the prices of these mounts ridiculous, 100K for the motorbike and 120K for the yak. And I guess I’m cheap as well and didn’t want to fork over the money for these vanity mounts. But now I had the cash and more so why not? 🙂

I’m playing the Legion Beta at the moment and discovered how practical the yak is, you have a vendor and a personal transmogrifier at your service wherever you go. And with the new Appearance system in Legion, the transmogrifier is practical.

There’s no flying (yet) in the beta and I chose the Treadblade as my main mount. I love the revving sound of its engine as I explore all the new areas. Did I mention I like Legion? 🙂

So I paid 220K for a couple of mounts, big deal right?

2016 marks the 10th anniversary for me playing Warcraft and I remember back to “The Good Old Days” when gold was scarce. I remember crafting a pair of “blue quality” cloth bracers that I sold on the Auction House along with crafted bags. Whatever money I earned I used to buy materials so I could craft more.

And I distinctly remember how happy I was when I made my first whole gold. 1 gold. ONE GOLD! And here ten years later, inflation is rampant in the Warcraft economy and I just paid 220.000 gold for two mounts. That’s a lot of crafted bracers and bags.

But I’m happy for my new mounts 🙂

New level 100 character


Finally I got a second level 100 character, Trilliani the Death Knight. It took a while to get there, but in all fairness, my iMac was broken for nearly 7 weeks, leaving me unable to play. During the breakdown I tried playing on a 13” MacBook Pro, but it nearly died every time I started the game so I could only maintain my garrisons, not do any levelling at all.

And now here it is, the second level 100 of more to come 🙂